How to create PDF file with Docs.Zone -

How to create PDF file with Docs.Zone

31 March 2019

Docs.Zone makes it easy to convert files into PDF without downloading any software. All you have to do is sign up for an account and create a password. After logging in, you will see that there are six features you can take advantage of with this online service. The first one you'll see is the ability to convert files to PDF.

  • Click the blue "Select files..." button. A menu will pop up and you will browse until you find the file you want to convert. If you must convert more than one document, you can click the "Add files..." button and upload additional files. Note: should you check the wrong file, you can undo this action by clicking the "x".
  • After you've selected your files, click the "Start" button. The files begin converting to PDF. You'll have to wait a few seconds or minutes (depending your connection speed and the document size) for it to be ready.
  • When the conversion process is over the PDF's will appear under a column labelled "Inbox". They will be available for only 6 hours and are deleted completely after that.
  • To retrieve your converted file click on the "Download" button to the right of the file's name. Note that there is an "x" button that deletes your file. If you click on it by accident a pop-up will ask you to confirm if you want the file deleted or not.
Docs.Zone's can convert the following files without a problem: .rtf, .gif, .jpg, .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx. It can also support a variety of other formats. Also, Docs.Zone can make these conversions without distorting the format or any images contained in them.

The PDF format became more popular over the years because it's compatible with almost all computer systems. This format has many advantages, such as a file protection (it helps keep others from wrongfully using your documents), and because viewers can see PDF files easily on almost any device. Most PDF reading programs (such as Adobe Reader or Apple's Preview) make it easy to browse to documents that have hundreds of pages, and many companies use PDFs to create documents their employees or associates can e-sign. Now that you've tried this feature, you might also be interested in the other services Docs.Zone offers, such as PDF to Word conversion, PDF to Excel conversion, PDF to image conversion, and merging many documents into a single PDF file for easy browsing.