How to save a webpage to PDF with Docs.Zone -

How to save a webpage to PDF with Docs.Zone

31 March 2019

Occasionally you may need to convert a web page into a PDF file. You can use Docs.Zone, a web-based tool, to do just that. This is useful if you need to look at a web page without logging on to the Internet first, or if you are unable to connect due to web outages, slow Internet connections, or simply viewing web pages without the use of the Internet so you can keep yourself from getting distracted with other mindless Internet browsing.

To convert a web page into a PDF document, you must first sign to Docs.Zone or create an account if you don't already have one.

  • Choose the Web to PDF tab.
  • Enter the web address of the page you need to convert by typing it exactly, or cutting and pasting it on the box labeled "Enter the URL below".
  • Click on the blue "Save to PDF!" button to start the process.
  • When the file is ready it will show up in a table below labeled "Inbox". This should take only a few seconds.
  • To get your files, click on the "Download". The finished file will only be available for six hours after the conversion process. If you no longer need it, you can delete by clicking the "x" next to the file name.
Docs.Zone allows you to convert any web page into a PDF document without needing to download software. This way, you don't have to worry about compatibility issues or paying for a service that might create more problems than it solves (such as converting the file, but ruining the format). If you're in the web design business and need to compare how a web page looks in your browser as compared to someone else's you can use this tool to fix problems and show the web site to your clients from your point of view.

Once you've converted your web page, you can also use Docs.Zone for other functions. You may find that you need to convert PDF to Word, PDF to Excel or PDF to Image file, or merge PDF files into one. With Docs.Zone's features, you can complete various tasks that will help you streamline your work. If you get stuck using a feature, the web site has comprehensive instructions that are easy to follow.