How to convert PDF to Word with Docs.Zone -

How to convert PDF to Word with Docs.Zone

31 March 2019

When you have a PDF document you need to convert to Word format, you can use the PDF to Word feature on Docs.Zone. First, you must sign in or create an account and password if you don't yet have one. Transferring a PDF document to Word format is handy for a few reasons: you may need to edit a file with mistakes, or add new information. Even in our fast-paced world getting the original Word document might take a while. Docs.Zone provides a tool that will prevent you from taking extra steps when you're in a rush.

Converting the file:
  • After logging in to your Docs.Zone account, choose the "PDF to Word" tab.
  • Click the blue "Select Files..." button, a dialog will pop up and you can choose one or more PDF files to convert into Word.
  • You can add more files to convert (if needed) by click on the "Add files..." button. If you chose a file by accident, you can also remove it clicking the "x".
  • When you have chosen your files click the "Start!" button and the file conversions will begin.
  • Your files will show up on the "Inbox" section below the PDF conversion tabs when they're ready.
  • The files will only be available for download for six hours. Once that time is up, the files will be deleted and unavailable.
  • You can retrieve your converted files by clicking the "Download" button next to the file's name. If you need to delete a file, you can click the "x" button and a dialog will pop up asking you to confirm your decision.
Once you've converted your file, you'll notice that other functions are available on Docs.Zone. You can also convert Word, JPG, Excel documents and even web pages into PDFs or vice versa. The best part of Docs.Zone is that you don't have to download software to be able to use it. Should you get stuck while using a feature, you can find comprehensive and easy to follow instructions on the website. The site also features a blog, and since it's new, Docs.Zone is sure to come up with new innovations that will make converting and sharing your files effortless. PDF files are also easy to store and compatible with almost all devices.