Converting a PDF to JPG on Docs.Zone -

Converting a PDF to JPG on Docs.Zone

31 March 2019

If you're a web or graphic designer, or simply find that you need to convert a PDF into an image file for any reason, you can use the "PDF to Images" feature on Docs.Zone to convert a PDF whenever yo need. First, you must create an account or sign in if you already have one. The great thing about Docs.Zone is that you don't need to download additional software into your computer. Because it's online, you also don't have to worry about compatibility issues either.

The conversion process:

  • Select the "PDF to Images" tab.
  • Click on the blue "Select Files..." button. A dialog will up and you can browse your computer to find the file you need to convert.
  • Once you've chosen the file, you can add more PDFs using the "Add files" button if needed.
  • Click the "Start" button. Your file will be ready within a few seconds.
  • The finalized JPG will be available on the "Inbox" table below the conversion menu. Your finalized file(s) will only be available for six hours. After that, Docs.Zone automatically deletes the files.
  • To retrieve your file, click on the "Download" button next to your file's name. If you no longer need it, you can delete the file clicking the cross (x) next to your file's name.
Once you're finished converting your files you'll notice that Docs.Zone also offers other features, such as merging files (PDF or non-PDF formats) into one large PDF for easier viewing. Those of us who work in technology-driven environments can streamline our work and conversion needs with Docs.Zone by using it to convert PDFs into Word or Excel files for easy editing, without the hassle of waiting for the person who originally created the file.

PDF files are also compatible with almost all devices, and they take up less space than other formats. You can protect your documents from being used inappropriately by using this format, since PDFs are meant for viewing, and not editing. Should you have no PDF reading software, it's easy to download one that will help you read the files on your device. PDF files are also great for companies that need to create contracts, as it is possible to create documents your clients and associates can e-sign, or to password-protect sensitive and confidential information.