Merging various files into one PDF with Docs.Zone -

Merging various files into one PDF with Docs.Zone

31 March 2019

Docs.Zone allows users to combine files into one PDF for ease of use. This is helpful when you need to compile all data into one large file, to keep from cluttering your computer's file folders, or whenever you need to provide this data for someone who has requested seeing everything in one document. When you scan a document, each page shows up as a separate document, and Docs.Zone helps you put them together. The site is created to be easy to use even for those who are don't consider themselves to be good at using technology. Should you get stuck while using a feature on Docs.Zone, comprehensive instructions can easily be found on the site, usually below the tab in which you choose what you want to do (i.e. the convert to PDF tab).

To merge separate files into one PDF, you need to do the following:

  • Enter the site.
  • Sign in or create an account and password.
  • Choose the "Combine files to PDF" tab.
  • Click on the tab labeled "Select files..."
  • A dialog will open, navigate it and choose the files you need to merge.
  • You can add more files using the "Add files" button. They can be PDF format, or other formats.
  • Click "Start!" to begin the conversion/merging process.
  • The finalized file will appear on the "Inbox" table below the various PDF conversion tabs. It will be available for only six hours after conversion.
  • To retrieve your file, click on the "Download" button next to file name. You delete the files by clicking on the little cross (x) next to file name if you don't need it anymore.
At the moment Docs.Zone can convert and merge Word, Excel, JPG, Rich Text Format, and other formats. The features on Docs.Zone are useful for people who work in technology-based businesses and industries. In the case of file merging, a PDF file will take up far less space than other formats, and can prevent others from misusing your work. The PDF format also allows companies and entrepreneurs to create documents that can be e-signed, or can the file can be password-protected to keep information confidential.

Should you need to print items, the PDF format is useful in that it looks the same on almost every device, and PDF readers are usually free to download if you don't yet have one installed on your computer.

Docs.Zone also allows you to convert PDF to DOC, PDF to XLS and PDF to JPEG.