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Docs.Zone Scholarship Program

Last updated: May 05th, 2021

We at Docs.Zone have always provided the best document conversion service that serves its individual purpose. We recognize the power of the written word and conversion of non-editable text and want to help the genius minds to showcase their abilities. With Docs.Zone, you can:


We are allowing the students who are currently enrolled in an university, college, high school or trade school.

Scholarship Amount

  • Current price of software is $60 / year, so for 5-year account is $300
  • We can provide 5-year accounts (the price of each is $300) to each student
Application Requirement

You stand a chance to win the scholarship. The only thing we require is for you to think about the logic behind the conversions of the documents. You will have to create a piece of content explaining any two document conversion programming logic. Also, you have to calculate the complexity of algorithm.

The person who does the best will earn 5-year of premium account access of Docs.Zone, which can be used for conversion of different documents.

Application Submission

Create a piece of content that is between 300 - 1000 words long and submit to us at [email protected].


The deadline will be till April 30th, 2024, and five winners will be selected every month.